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1.Kick of seminar

Kick off seminar was host by Youth Alliance- Krusevo in Skopje. It provided to the representatives of participating organizations opportunity to start to plan the activities, to review the division of tasks and responsibilities among the partners, to discuss the process of coordination mobility and capacity building activities, to review financial mechanism of the project and to agree on way of keeping project documentation e.g. through google drive, the set the deadlines for the calls for participants, agree on principles ensuring transparency of the selection process and steps supporting participation of people with fewer opportunities in the activities, set guidelines for communication with media.

2. Training course I

The first training course was focused on the developing creativity and creative skills of the participants. This training course provided to the participants an opportunity to experience ways of brainstorming of new ideas e.g. by using methods and tools of creative writing, visualization and design thinking. The participants also learned how to implement such activities at their work with young people in the process of developing their competencies as future entrepreneurs.

3. Training course II

The second training course was focused on developing competencies of these working with youth and representing youth to get involved in decision making processes and achieve changes such as change of laws, creating new national, regional or local strategy on social entrepreneurship. Important part of training course will be also the element of lobbing. The training responded on the need to improve the legislation framework on social entrepreneurship across partnerí countries.

4. Series of Public Raising Awareness Activities

Each partner had responsibility to organize series of activities in their community with aim to raise awareness of youth workers, leaders, representatives of organizations, teachers, business community. The participants of the training courses organized 3 debates and 5 Info Days in each country involving more than 1300 people in total. The activities successfully achieved to raise awareness on Erasmus + Programme in different communities.

5. Training Course III

The third training course focused on increasing the understanding of the participants on the importance of cooperation in youth sector and developing quality of youth strategies, the participants developed their skills needed to prepare quality youth strategy, to network with various bodies representing youth, to effectively use manuals, guidelines on social entrepreneurship in youth field, to adjust tools, methods.

6. Training Course IV

Aim of the last in the cycle trainings, training course was to raise competencies of youth workers, leaders, social entrepreneurs needed to ensure funding/co-funding projects. The participants shared their experiences, practices across countries, work on development guideline on co-funding for youth organizations in the field of social entrepreneurship. The participants also increased skills to prepare and launch successful crowd funding campaign.

7. Series of Public Raising Awareness Activities

Right after the training course finished, the participants launched 4 campaigns by applying new competencies in practices. Besides campaigns, each partner organization organized 3 pitch nights giving space young entrepreneurship to pitch their ideas in front of local business. Pitch nights were public events and involved more than 500 visitors.