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EuroDEMOS (Community Leaders within European Background) is an international association of human rights defense, civic school of volunteer involvement, training and promotion at local, national and international level of young opinion leaders, by means of applicative programs of European interest, having 27 years of volunteer civic constant activity. In the last 14 years of activity at international level EuroDEMOS NGO has specialized on European policies in training opinion leaders.

The organization's aim is the promotion of human and democratic values and of social models.

EuroDEMOS NGO is appreciated as important member in European Parliament AGORA, active in priority programs of Council of Europe and European Commission. EuroDEMOS is member of the Asia-Europe Youth Cooperation Platform, collaborator O.S.C.E. (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), Monitor of protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Romania and promoter of them globally.

EuroDEMOS is the first independent organization from Romania which since 1990, has been constantly occupied with promoting the importance of civil society by involving citizens and young people for training future civic and politic leaders, through programs and projects of community interest.

EuroDEMOS is an umbrella type association composed of five organizations (Youth Organization, Students Organization, Pupils Organization, Women Organization and Organization of Young Romanian Ethnics Citizens from Moldova) and 14 departments specialized in areas of civic interest.

As fields of activity, the programmes, objectives and activities are adapted and developed according to the necessities of local, national or international community from an independent position, which will maintain the identity as Centre of Civil Society in various community domains such as: Human rights, Sustainable development, Youth, Social Entrepreneurship, Culture and Art, Ecology and Environment protection, Traditions, Entertainment, Sport, Social assistance, Philanthropy, Democracy, Health, Women's right, Minorities, Animals protection, Education, Civic participation, Vocational Instruction and Training , Social-economics Development , Public and External Relations, Volunteering, Recruiting, selection, training and promotion human resources etc.

By target group point of view, we work at mass level and also on different target groups such as: children, young people, grown-up persons, pupils, students, endowed with talents persons, unemployed workers, journalists, sportsmen, ethnic minorities , public functionaries nongovernmental organizations, persons with down living standard etc.

EuroDEMOS has trainers, specialized members on various domains and civic interest and functions according to classical democratically methods, which promote the competence and performance. The members of EuroDEMOS staff are multiqualified specialists as: quality auditors, project managers, masters of ceremonies, event organizers, socio-educational animators, evaluators of professional competences, etc., whose activity is also 100% volunteer.

In 2008 EuroDEMOS founded the European Network to Promote Youth Involvement in the Decision-Making Process - Involved Youth Coalition ( The Coalition functions with voluntary activity as an environment of information and dissemination of youth work at international level. The Coalition represents an important resource of information and exchange of good practices for youth workers in Europe in order to contribute to the youth involvement in the decision making process worldwide