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International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation

International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation - IBC is an emerging NGO founded to help alleviate human suffering, illiteracy among all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, color, genetic or physical features, social origin, religion, belief, language, political opinion, gender, age and sexual orientation.

IBC acts with impartiality in the belief that people are created equal and have the right to dignity, proper sheltering, food, healthcare, education and proper standards of living.

IBC, a young and dynamic international NGO, was formed through a cooperation established with the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) in April 1999 and was first working solely in the field of humanitarian aid. Interacting with national and international structures, IBC soon carried its ambition to a variety of areas - mainly summarized as Relief and rehabilitation, housing and reconstruction, rural as well as civil society and community development, education, capacity building and health. The organization has since then been supporting vulnerable and marginalized groups such as refugees, IDPs, people with disabilities and children.

Main Objectives

- Ameliorating conditions and increasing opportunities for people suffering due to wars, political conflicts, natural disasters and undeveloped economic conditions; responding to their immediate needs while providing assistance for their self-sustainability.
- Assisting in efforts to increase the level of education of both highly vulnerable groups and society at large, thereby improving mechanisms used to integrate the most disadvantaged communities into social life.
- Supporting efforts to improve overall health levels of a given population, especially of the most vulnerable members.
- Providing inputs to achieve sustainable development in underdeveloped regions.
- Promoting equality between all genders.
- Advocating for equal opportunity for women and girls.
- Supporting interdisciplinary risk management methods and developing regional strategies for disaster prone areas.


IBC's worldwide work focuses on four core areas; emergency relief, rehabilitation, development and risk mitigation-resilience. We believe the goals of our mission can be best achieved by bringing international, regional, national and local components together in a synthesis. In this context IBC cooperates with other NGOs, global donors, universities and research centers to incorporate their resources, technical expertise and experience into its modus operandi. Cooperation takes the form of conventional partnerships and in most cases IBC acts as a direct implementing partner. While designing and implementing programs, IBC takes into account and prioritizes the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, pays attention to community values, respects the social and cultural texture as well as the environment. To achieve its objectives, IBC designs and implements programs in the fields of;

- Emergency relief.
- Social, economic and environmental development.
- Reconstruction and rehabilitation.
- Education.
- Public health.
- Gender issues.
- Combat against violence.
- Child protection and child rights.
- Multi-sectoral assistance to displaced communities.
- Disaster management, risk reduction and community resilience.