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National Youth Forum of Bulgaria

National Youth Forum of Bulgaria (NYF) is a youth umbrella organization, the biggest formal youth platform, which unites 41 youth organizations in the country.

The main aim of the NYF is political representation of its member organizations in front of the Bulgarian institutions, as well as it is to represent the interests of the young people in the country, their needs and to maintain the role of the youth organizations, their development and participation in social - political processes.

NYF is a partner of the institutions and government in the area of Structured dialogue. Main target group of NYF are youth organizations, young people, both organized and non-organized, and institutions responsible for youth policy making.

The NYF's strategy 2010-2017 clarifies as main priorities for the NYF - Education, Youth Employment, Active citizenship, Youth participation, Sustainable development and Healthcare. Every year NYF accepts annual working plan according to the Strategy.

The NYF has 41 members organizations who has all together more than 105 000 individual members. In order NYF to achieve better conditions for young people in the area of its priorities - the NYF has working groups per each pillar (the group's members are experts and volunteers). The working groups do research of current youth policy in Bulgaria and other EU member states and prepare new proposals for changes in the political documents. NYF has its administrative body - Secretariat.

NYF developed Pool of trainers with 15 professional members, Pool of analysists and researchers and Pool of Project managers. Since 2014 NYF is officially chairing the National Working Group on Structured dialogue.

Since November 2015 NYF is a full member of European Youth Forum.