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Association of Active Youths of Florina

OENEF is Non-Governmental Organization for Active Youth Participation and Citizenship in Greece. The goal was to manage quality and competent rebranding of organization and create site in new accepted style and vision.

Logotype represents a circle of people holding hands in the center. A symbol of unity and friendship. Open bright colors:

- Green - color of nature and support.
- Yellow - color of joy and warmth.
- Blue - color of trust and respect.
- Orange - color of mood, energy and power.

All parts of logo create a kind of flower with multicolored petals. The flower, from ancient times, is a symbol of vitality and the joy of life. From other side, opened petals symbolize the realization of potential opportunities.


Active Youths of Florina have a remarkable local activity with voluntary projects aiming and contributing to the local community. Among other projects the organization supports the "Child Protection Centre", informs the local society on health issues supporting the HIV campaign, organizes every June the 3 days Kids Outdoor Festival, offers free Wi-Fi access in Florina's city center and organizes seminars on social entrepreneurship, youth participation, inclusion and human rights. In cooperation with the Council of Europe Active Youths promotes the No Hate Speech Movement Campaign (NHSM), organizing events and workshops in regional level. The organization linked to the European Commission Representation in Greece and promotes information about the European Union. In their offices you can easily access to a wide range of EU official publications.


Active Youths have established a strong and effective worldwide network of youth organizations. The network consist of partners working on the field of social economy, youth work, volunteerism and inclusion. Partner organization from Europe and Latin America play a vital role in the development of the partnership and the idea of a network that could efficiency work in a demanding world. Their aim is to expand the network in order to develop their services.

Their demanding strategic partnership projects, training seminars and EVS projects in the framework of Erasmus+ lead OENEF as a top and innovative youth organizations not only in the Balkan but also in Europe.