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Slovenia - N.K.L doo

EuroDEMOSAssociationThe beginnings of N.K.L doo go back to 2006, when it was founded as Nikolovski doo with the basic activity of construction services.

In the field of construction work, NKL have the most references in the field of adaptations, interior arrangements and reconstruction works, both for residential buildings, houses, commercial buildings and public sector buildings.

As part of engineering, NKL doo provide comprehensive design, architectural design and architectural consultancy services, and are licensed to supervise the construction of structures, so NKL also have staff such as a civil engineer and a graduate architect. NKL also cooperate with our business partners in the field of landscape architecture and the preparation of documentation for changing municipal spatial plans.

NKL doo is part of the Erasmus Plus and Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs program. Erasmus for young entrepreneurs helps future European entrepreneurs acquire the skills to start a small business in Europe. New entrepreneurs acquire and share knowledge and business ideas with the experienced entrepreneur they work with and collaborate with. NKL doo is an accredited host entrepreneur in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.