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The IAFA is a non-profit association with a work team composed of personnel licensed and master's degrees in various carriers which allows us to effective monitoring in all its aspects. This fact has provided the experience of the whole team involving our association in dealing with people from different countries and cultures. Our staff has experience in supporting projects such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Comenius, and coordinating events for Erasmus students, among others. This experience was very positive and motivating in the sense that we can do more for intercultural Europe. The IAFA has a wide range of activities available and already pre-organized, be they cultural, social or environmental, such as the organization and promotion of cultural visits, organizing and promoting events and thematic workshops and seminars. Our association has developed contacts with several companies in the region, in different sectors of activity, which enables us to place, support and monitor the participants of our projects in the active working life. We also promote intercultural and cooperation between people with different dynamic programs covering topics such as human rights, equal opportunities and promoting awareness of the need for voluntary collective solidarity, tolerance and social inclusion.

Economic / Social area of activities:

- Combating unemployment, supporting the creation of self-employment or helping actively seeking work.
- Creation of events that encourage dialogue and create opportunities for the different actors (companies, employers, unemployed, investors, schools, etc.).
- Developing skills of organizations, for a more efficient management of resources and projects, by promoting training in the area of new information technologies, management, ethics and communication.
- Monitoring, support, evaluation and consulting people, organizations and institutions in developing and implementing projects and action plans.