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Youth Alliance - Krusevo

Youth Alliance - Krusevo (YAK) is an independent, non-governmental and non-political organization established in 1999. The members are young people between 15 and 35, who work, study or express an interest in processes of EU integration of FYR Macedonia. YAK is run by young people for young people, enabling a strong experience to all its stakeholders.


Active participation of young people in all issues of social life.

Their Axes of Priorities, as a youth organization, are:

- Active involvement of young people in decision-making processes at local, regional and national level.
- Encouraging and supporting young people to fully participate in society by providing them with new contacts, experiences and knowledge.
- Contribution of youth in the process of EU integration of the SEE.
- Increasing the contribution of youth in the economic development of their local communities.

The main objectives of YAK are promoting new ways of expressing the views of young people from SEE vs. well-known political and uncooperative methods; acceptance of the modern European values of young people from SEE and fostering mutual understanding between young people in different countries; promoting youth activism in all issues of social life and to creating a dynamic environment designed by active and enthusiastic participation of young people; creating conditions for faster and sustainable economic development.

The activities of YAK are devaded on local, national and international level and they are connected with the following areas:

1. Regional Networking and European-Atlantic Integration.
2. Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship.
3. Youth Participation and Citizenship.
4. Youth and Sport.